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heya, call me kyt [ kit ] ฅ(^•ﻌ•^)ฅ ੈ♡‧₊˚ aspiring content creator, professional procrastinator, & a daydreamer lost in faraway worlds. kinda shy at first glance but i really love interacting with people once i get to know them!

i'm mostly active on twitter (though i can be inactive for long periods of times due to school or work), but you can see where else i can be found on my contact page.


my main accounts are pretty multifandom, but here are titles i've recently consumed, really into at the moment (highlighted), or what i typically talk about:

manga +&.: blue period, kono oto tomare!, once a haikyuu!! liker always a haikyuu!! liker, lanxi zhen, +&.anime / donghua: scissor seven (it's just so so fun), luo xiaohei, kazetsuyo, link click, mob psycho 100%, jujutsu kaisen (anime), +&.novels: omniscient reader's viewpoint (f■ck orv actually), +&.webtoons: the makeup remover, castle swimmer, space boy, odd girl out, omniscient reader, your throne, how to become a dragon, seasons of blossom, brass & sass,, see you in my 19th life, love advice from the great duke of hell, like wind on a dry branch, romance 101, +&.shows: stranger things, +&.games: sometimes i still talk about enstars!, +&movies: still thinking about httyd, ghibli moviesnon-fandom: art or aesthetics, personal posts/tweets, an occasional news item, +&.

i love: — stories with heart, soulmate aus, the color purple (& blue), found families, aesthetic pictures, character development, star + galaxy aesthetics, cream puffs, foxes and cats, music, creating things, unconventional or mundane magic, paranormal/"weird fiction", magical realism, personality tests, things and people who inspire me, +&.

i enjoy: — reading, writing, listening to / arranging / composing music, playing the piano, singing, making simple gfx, basic translations (中文 → EN), procrastinating, creating, daydreaming, organizing things, trying out new websites & apps, phone / desktop customization, +&.

i'm into: — various webtoons (e.g. makeup remover / orv / odd girl out / gourmet hound / your letter / hooky / space boy / spirit fingers), various animanga (e.g. 3gatsu / hq!! / blp / kot! / ohshc / natsuyuu), select mobage/joseimuke (mostly enstars), various animated movies, select shows (e.g. a:tla), select sitcoms, select literature, +&. please see my interests and characters/pairings for more information.

carrd last updated december 27, 2021.

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selective follow / slow to follow back sometimes. not following you back doesn't necessarily mean i don't like you! usually it's because of not enough shared interests, interests i don't want to see, untagged/excessive nsfw, excessive discourse, etc.don't feel obligated to follow me; what's important is that you're ok with what i post or my usual content.FUB free (un/follow, soft/block, mute). no hard feelings! of course, DM first if it's due to some behaviour i should change.i am 18+ (18- follows are OK on my main accounts)my mains are SFW accounts, and relatively negativity/drama-free. occasionally there will be news, though.i use tone indicators for original posts.

any questions? want to scream about fandoms? yes pleaseto politely correct me on something i'm not educated enough on, or if i'm doing something wrong. i would love to be able to improve, so don't hesitate to let me know. i'll do my best to be open-minded and civil, as long as you are, too.if you need someone to talk to. if you're a mutual, my DMs are open on twitter. i will try my best to give you advice / comfort you / listen, whatever you're seeking, but keep in mind i'm not a trained therapist.if you need something tagged, except if it's an interest i talk about a lot or a ship (outside of original posts as those are always tagged)—you might just want to unfollow. i'll try my best to accommodate.
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thank you for reading! lots of love ♡

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✦✦✦✦✦life ruiners, inspirations, those that influenced me, and/or dearly beloved, media i talk about the most.
✦✦✦✦i enjoyed these. i hope you will too!
✦✦✦i've seen this! talk to me about it.
(♥)comfort series i rely on when i'm down.

DISCLAIMER: i've muted content that i dislike (interests, characters, ships) and generally don't really care if you like them. as for content you may not enjoy, i don't censor names on original posts so they should be caught under a blacklist, though i cannot guarantee anything for what i retweet (tumblr reblogs will be tagged but there's no easy mechanism for twitter retweets.)

webcomics✦✦✦✦✦hooky (♥), gourmet hound, small blessings, the makeup remover (♥), your letter, spirit fingers (♥), space boy, odd girl out, miss abbott & the doctor, melvina's therapy, magical 12th graders, omniscient reader
✦✦✦✦romance 101 (♥), salty studio, dream constellation, raining knives, your throne, ghost lights, nothing special, castle swimmer, matchmaker hero, love advice from the great duke of hell, lavender jack, cursed princess club, annarasumanara, heir's game, bastard, for the sake of sita, under the aegis, siren's lament, here u are, see you in my 19th life, brass & sass, winter woods, crumbs, star children, the doctors are out, seasons of blossom, how to become a dragon, the witch and the bull, always human, unlucky is as unlucky does, a good day to be a dog, the four of them
✦✦✦sweet home, edith, unholy blood, like wind on a dry branch, meow man, mom i'm sorry, roar street journal, purple hyacinth, fox fires, lalin's curse, super secret, yumi's cells, flowerpot, stagtown, the remarried empress, my giant nerd boyfriend, boyfriend of the dead, swimming lessons with a mermaid, uriah, ghost teller, girls of the wilds, my kitty and old dog, finding wonderland, +&.
animanga✦✦✦✦✦blue period (♥), 3gatsu no lion (♥), kono oto tomare! (♥), ouran highschool host club (♥), natsume yuujinchou, haikyuu!! (♥), kimi ni todoke, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, howl's moving castle, akatsuki no yona, kimi no na wa., erased (manga), spirited away, kaze ga tsuyoku fuiteiru
✦✦✦✦gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun (♥), scissor seven (♥), shimanami tasogare, koe no katachi (movie), noragami, mushishi, princess mononoke, a bride's story, witch hat atelier, wonder cat kyuu-chan :3, wotakoi, link click/shiguang dailiren, machida-kun no sekai, pandora hearts, to your eternity, your lie in april (anime), zankyou no terror, madoka magica, +&.
✦✦✦fruits basket, horimiya, tokyo revengers, mahoutsukai no yome, kemono jihen, akagami no shirayukihime, vanitas no carte, gokushufudou, dengeki daisy, hanako-kun, the promised neverland, +&.
shows✦✦✦✦✦avatar: the last airbender (♥), over the garden wall
✦✦✦(✦)nirvana in fire, the great british bake-off, b99, parks & rec, schitt's creek, the legend of korra, the untamed, +&.
movies✦✦✦✦✦how to train your dragon (♥), coco, pride & prejudice (2005), legend of hei (♥)
✦✦✦(✦)into the spiderverse, the martian, rise of the guardians
books / webnovels✦✦✦✦✦omniscient reader's viewpoint (♥), when you reach me, i'll give you the sun, percy jackson, artemis fowl, guardians of ga'hoole
✦✦✦(✦)leviathan trilogy, the raven cycle, ari & dante discover the secrets of the universe, a darker shade of magic, harry potter, the bartimaeus trilogy, carry on, mdzs, +&.
music✦✦✦✦✦kodaline (♥), gabrielle aplin, yuki hayashi, marcus warner, lor, juniper vale, oh wonder, birdy, bump of chicken, sleeping at last, banners, ludovico einaudi, v.k.克
✦✦✦(✦)coldplay, ren, infinite + sungkyu, astro, amir, alvaro soler, yoasobi, avicii, +&.
mobage✦✦✦✦✦ensemble stars (card deck + cn-exclusive)
✦✦✦(✦)idolish7, love live (ensif #569018228 - dm before req! + card deck), a3!
podcasts✦✦✦✦✦UNDER CONSTRUCTION the magnus archives, supernatural, the moth, +&.
✦✦✦(✦)UNDER CONSTRUCTION canadian true crime, limetown, +&.

comfort media are indicated by (♥).
i try to approach media with a critical lens.

DISCLAIMER: again, i've muted content that i dislike and generally don't really care if you like them. original posts will have uncensored names or pairings. as for pairings, i don't talk about ships as much anymore but on the chance i do, use this legend to guide you: g = gen (family, friends), p = platonic, and r = romantic. gpr is all of them equally, while g/pr means "all of them are ok, but i prefer gen", just like how pr/g meaning "all of them are ok, but i prefer platonically and romantically".

animanga✦✦✦✦✦faves fujioka haruhi (ohshc) (♥), yaguchi yatora (blue period), kudou chika (kot!), natsume takashi (natsuyuu), kawamoto hinata (3gatsu no lion)
pairings tamaharu (ohshc | pr/g), yatora & all his friends (blp | gp), kagehina (hq!! | gpr), chikawa (kot! | pr/g), +&.
✦✦✦✦faves mikoshiba mikoto (gnsk), suoh tamaki (ohshc), ennoshita chikara (haikyuu!!), kurebayashi teru (dengeki daisy), yona (akayona), maki kuwana (blue period), yoon (akayona), satowa hotsuki (kot!), +&.
pairings hakyona (akayona | pr), kija & jaeha (gp), lanxizhen family but especially xuanli & qingning god (lxz | g), mayumiko (gsnk | gpr), tokise koto club honestly (kot! | g), +&.
✦✦✦faves hitachiin kaoru (ohshc), ooba-sensei (blue period), mori-senpai (blue period), just about everyone from blue period, qifrey (witch hat atelier), kazuma (noragami), pariya togonosh (otoyomegatari), hatori chise (mahouyome), kurata takezou (kot!), kurapika (hxh), kuronuma sawako (knt), miyamura izumi (horimiya), +&.
pairings tamakyo (ohshc | gpr), kyokao (ohshc | gpr), nagikarma (assclass | gp/r), all canon pairings (gsnk | gp/r), tetsuki x chika (kot! | gpr), satowa x hiro (kot! | gpr), takezou x hiro (kot! | gp/r), momoya x yoshinaga (kot! | gp/r), +&.
webtoons✦✦✦✦✦faves na yuyeon (romance 101) (♥), the wytte siblings (hooky), yuseong cheon (makeup remover), jin seon (a good day to be a dog), nari oh (odd girl out), aro (the witch and the bull)
pairings yuseong x yeseul (makeup remover | gpr), yeseul x heewon (makeup remover | gpr), all canon pairings + mark x aisha (hooky | gpr), bareum x yuyeon (romance 101 | pr/g), +&.
✦✦✦(✦)faves psyche callista (your throne), amy song (spirit fingers), yeseul kim (makeup remover), heewon ju (makeup remover), euntae hwang (unholy blood), seungha kwon (odd girl out), +&.
pairings alex x lucky (finding wonderland | pr), jackson x pamela (jackson's diary | gpr), gwen x frederick (cursed princess club | gpr), hana x seon (good day to be a dog | r/p), canon pairings (gourmet hound | gpr), "fruit trio" lucy & meyer & clementine (gourmet hound | g), nari x seungha (odd girl out | gpr), siren x kappa (castle swimmer | pr), +&.
mobage✦✦✦✦✦faves takamine midori (♥) (enstars)
pairings midochia (enstars | gp/r), midori & a sense of fulfillment and happiness and his plushies /hj (enstars | g), +&.
✦✦✦✦faves izumi mitsuki (i7), morisawa chiaki (enstars), nagumo tetora (enstars), umi sonoda (love live), sakurauchi riko (love live), minagi tsuzuru (a3!), tsukioka tsumugi (a3!)
pairings nagimitsu (i7 | gpr), pythagoras trio (i7 | gpr), switch (enstars | g), natsumugi (enstars | gp), midoteto (enstars | gp/r), summer troupe (a3! | g), izumi brothers (i7 | g), +&.
✦✦✦faves aoba tsumugi (enstars), nanase riku (i7), kunikida hanamaru (love live), [preliminary] osaka shizuku & setsuna yuki (love live), furuichi sakyo (a3!), chigasaki itaru (a3!), rurikawa yuki (a3!), ikaruga misumi (a3!), arisugawa homare (a3!)
pairings rst trio midori & shinobu & tetora (enstars, g/pr), chiakana (enstars, gpr), [preliminary] kotoumi (love live), ioriku (i7 | gpr), +&.
novels✦✦✦✦✦faves artemis fowl (artemis fowl), kim dokja (orv), lee jihye (orv), percy jackson (pjo)
✦✦✦(✦)faves han sooyoung (orv), deryn sharp (leviathan tril.), +&.
pairings yoohankim (orv | p/gr), alek x deryn (leviathan trilogy | gpr), +&.
animals✦✦✦✦✦faves foxes, cats
✦✦✦(✦)faves moths, doves, ravens, penguins, owls, +&.
pokemon✦✦✦✦✦faves absol, cosmog
pokemon dragonair, reuniclus, +&.
various music (1/2)✦✦✦✦✦faves UNDER CONSTRUCTION - will eventually replace non-idol music section with spotify playlists waterworks (ludovico einaudi), lemon (kenshi yonezu), apollo (noah reid), windmill (lor), you say run (yuki hayashi), brother (kodaline), time spent walking through memories (nell), in the end (marcus warner), everglow (coldplay), eight (sleeping at last), saturn (sleeping at last), kingdom (b.a.p.), earth (sleeping at last), akane sasu (aimer), wings of piano (v.k.), where the shadow ends (banners), ultramarine (yoasobi), yoru ni kakeru (yoasobi), yuri on ice (taro umebayashi), forbidden friendship (john powell), +&.
✦✦✦(✦)faves kiss the rain (yiruma), colony (bump of chicken), master spells (takatsugu muramatsu), lost memory (sakuzyo), everyone changes (kodaline), where the light goes (josh kramer), the undertale soundtrack (toby fox), +&.
idol music✦✦✦✦✦faves super nova revolu5tar (enstars), fight for judge (enstars), mahiru no zanzou (enstars), my mai tonight (love live), deep resonance (love live), +&.
✦✦✦(✦)ryusei hanabi (enstars), temptation magic (enstars), white first love (love live), kimi no hitomi o meguru bouken (love live), cutie panther (love live), good night awesome (i7), mijuku dreamer (love live), darkness 4 (enstars), strawberry trapper (love live), +&.

comfort characters are indicated by (♥).

takamine midori title

    i started producing midori on august 23, 2017, when i started the game ( and chose his 4* starter ). before the game, however, i decided to pick faves from the wikia based on descriptions alone before the game. upon seeing midori's 4* holiday party card, i went "ah! you look soft and you need protecting i'll protect you" and he was a candidate ( alongside tsumugi and hajime, though he was first. )

    he was my best boy until some point when i switched briefly ( to tsumugi & maybe projected onto him for comfort due to that year being stressful ) but... after baton pass came on jpes, and reading through midori's monologue, midori became my best boy again, and has been my best boy ever since.

    i... do have a type when it comes to fictional characters ( laughs ). the sarcastic or stand-offish ones, often the sensible ones in the group, and yet they're actually utter dorks or lovable idiots, and so, so kind in their own way. soft-looking, or has a soft demeanor. the "sad, puppy-dog look". insecure about themselves.

    there's more to that for midori, of course. i love how adorable and pure he is when it comes to yuru characters. i still love him even when he's being rude or sharp-tongued ( though i don't commend him for doing so ). he deserves the love ryuseitai gives him, deserves to be happy, and deserves all the mascot characters in the world, i mean it. and even then, there's more.

    every time i read through one of his stories, i feel rather exposed. a lot of what he does, what he says, what he's scared of, his insecurities... they relate so so heavily back to my heart that it actually, kinda hurts sometimes, to be reminded. entering a profession because it was the "easy way through". being afraid of conflict, running away from unpleasant, scary, difficult, painful things. wanting to blend in, yet feeling insignificant and "hating the me who is nothing". afraid of asking for others' help. feeling like we're dragging down people or a burden. not good at making friends or conversation. "i know you believe in me, and my wavering heart through and through"... if only someone were to be like that for me, i've thought.

    and yet... if someone like midori can grow. can find friends who love him and he loves back. can shine so bright and beautifully if he tries. can change. when he moves forward like this... maybe i can, too. maybe i can stop running away. maybe i'm changing, bit by bit, as well. maybe i can grow to become better?

    so. here's my lovemail. i love you so so much. i love your love for mascot characters! how cute & soft you are! how embarrassingly dumb you can be sometimes, your tsundere tendencies, even — your soft voice and laugh ( thank you so much watanabe-san ), your name & its meaning ( emerald green... us midoriPs call him 翠翠 ( kinda like "midoriri" ) in cnes it's the cutest thing ), your pretty, aqua-blue eye color. your teasing side ( i love this so much ). your insecurities, how although you hate trying hard, even you try your best and hardest sometimes — and how beautiful you are when you transform, when you grow alongside your precious friends, and stand on that stage with the most gorgeous, soft, genuine smile — your smile really is this world's greatest treasure.

    i'm so proud of him, always. even if change is slow, he's doing it. he inspires me ( as all of ryuseitai do, in different ways ) to face challenges, even if it's hard, and painful. to this day, even when i'm no longer playing the game, midori remains my #1 comfort character across all media it's honestly amazing.

    28/08/18 a 59-page long midori takamine analysis / lovemail document i wrote, in time for his birthday.

    13/10/18 after 1 scout, 8 solos during colorful autumn scouting period, 2 scouts in colorful autumn during unit cd revival 1, 8 scouts during midori's birthday gacha, and 6 scouts during zodiac pt. 1 scouting period, a 5* midori finally came home to me on my 19th birthday in the form of his zodiac 5* and i couldn't be happier ( ╥ω╥ )

    14/02/19 the first time i scouted for painter!midori was about two years ago. ryuseitai revivals started on valentine's day, 2019, and colorful painter midori agreed to be my valentine came home atlong last. thank you thank you thank you... you make me so happy lovey ;;

    17/06/19 i stopped playing cnenstars on this date after they announced they were going to use real-id verification. i ended at level 555, and just after getting music festa midori 4*. midori was at max level for cnes too, level 53. though i'm not playing the game anymore, i'll still remain in the franchise for quite a while longer. thank you cnenstars, and thank you midori, for the wonderful time i had playing the game!

    12/10/19 midori's initial omanjuu came home today in time for my birthday!! he's so squishy and soft i love it!

    28/08/21 it's sad that enstars wiki takes down tls on this day, but happy birthday best boy. haven't thought about enstars or played it in so long but the fact that i still love his character means something. truly a comfort character. good boy good boy (i pat his head). i remember promising to learn how to draw so i could draw him (among other reasons) and so... we'll see about that.

    if i gave you my priv:

    i.do not take screenshots or relay any information from this account to anywhere else, unless with permission + @ is blocked out. absolutely do not for personal info.

    ii.do not give anyone else my priv unless you ask me first!

    iii. — occasionally, i will post wips of original content from my oc account onto this priv. i've tried to keep my fandom main (@kytaen/s) separate from my oc account as much as possible (due to wanting to connect my oc account to IRL portfolios). thus, while you're welcome to follow my oc accounts, please do not connect it to my main @username. this means not mentioning "@kytaens" or my alias "kyt" on my oc account, e.g. through comments on instagram or twitter, whenever possible. thanks a bunch!

    iv.— you are welcome to like / reply to my priv tweets, but it's not necessary. ( i tend to treat my priv as a void anyway, so i'm not concerned if there's no interaction. )

    for your information:


    you're a mutual or have interacted with me semi-/regularly, ANDyou req with a locked account.
    please note that i can be selective when it comes to who i accept into my priv.

    go through the main pages of my carrd if you haven't yet. especially the byf section. most of it applies to this priv as well, with some exceptions.this is a relatively SFW account, and mostly discourse-free. however, there will be some negativity in here, though, it being a priv account and all. (remember, muting is always an option.)muteword for long rambles is kytchat.
    anything i wouldn't be as comfy posting on main, or feel like they would crowd main. includes some fandom tweetspersonal, introspective tweetswips, oc talk, or project progressother rambles and various thoughts

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